Swedish country style retro apartment lighting design

In the European and American albums, the more traditional home styles are often seen. For example, the solid wood panels that are inherited from the British and French classical styles are too decorative and luxurious elements. For the younger generation of local owners, they may be too old-fashioned. But it has not been completely abandoned, but to learn how to balance traditional and modern, not only to retain the warm and classic old European style, but also to join the vitality of modern people.

This Swedish 158 square meter apartment has dark blue and green as the new main color of the restaurant. The large dark wall is generally more oppressive, but as long as there are several light sources, it is old. The texture of the furniture, it is like being in a European town, the atmosphere is full, compared to the Nordic or industrial style, this style is rare, has it ignited your interest?

Edit: Cedar

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