Suzhou Shengke will bring the driver chip technology service to the 2013 Gaogong LED Exhibition

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Li Jingyu] LED lighting terminal market launch acceleration engine, but also bring greater market space for technological innovation. In particular, the concept of "smart dimming" has been heated up. Various LED driver IC manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the development of intelligent control chips and solutions. By integrating additional functions in the LED driver circuit, intelligent control of LED chips is realized.

In the view of Suzhou Shengke Nano Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Suzhou Shengke”), intelligence must be improved from various aspects such as materials and circuits of IC chips, which directly promotes the market penetration rate of chip solution providers.

The material composition and structure of the driver chip largely determine the properties of the material. Especially at the microscopic scale, the composition and structure of the surface and interface of the material play a key role in the properties of the material.

Suzhou Shengke has a variety of material characterization methods represented by surface analysis, which can achieve high sensitivity, high precision, quantitative or semi-quantitative surface analysis, and can be widely used to study and analyze submicron and nano surface defects.

In addition, while the LED power is constantly increasing, the cost per unit of lumens is declining. Therefore, the use of low-cost, high-reliability drive circuits is the key to ensuring long-lasting brightness of ultra-high-brightness LEDs. The IC chip line modification service happens to be one of the core services of Suzhou Sembcorp, and the company has the world's leading modification technology in this field.

Suzhou Shengke's IC chip line modification is based on the technology of dual-beam focused ion beam, which changes the existing chip function by cutting or connecting lines inside the chip. This technology is very important for chip design, because designers can verify the effectiveness of the modification without having to reflow, thus significantly reducing time-to-market.

It is through the leading solution technology and keen market sense that Suzhou Shengke has achieved great success in the active layout of the LED driver chip market. Driven by the LED driver market, the company's sales in the first half of this year reached 80% of last year's sales.

In order to further expand the market, Sembcorp Nano is actively preparing for this year's high-tech LED lighting exhibition. The person in charge of the company said that Suzhou Shengke will exhibit the company's failure analysis, material analysis and other technical services to help LED companies improve product quality and manufacturing capabilities.

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