Puri Optoelectronics: Blu-ray high-power chips compete for the 2014 Golden Globe Award

The authoritative selection of LED lighting industry - 2014 (5th) High-tech Golden Globe Award - LED good product selection activity, has entered the WeChat voting stage (August 1st - 7th for voting pre-registration, August 8-9 The 30th is the official WeChat voting stage). This award, known as the “Oscar for the LED industry”, attracts many well-known companies from the industry to participate every year. This time, Puri Optoelectronics Blue High-power Chips compete for the Golden Globe Award, and we invite you to cast a valuable vote for us.

"Bridgelux chips are in the leading position in the medium and high power market, with high luminous efficiency and excellent stability to ensure long-term use by customers." Dr. Wen Jianhua from Purui Optoelectronics Sales Department told Gao Gong LED reporter.

Bridgelux, headquartered in Livermore, Calif., is a leader in solid-state lighting technology. It provides customers with cost-effective performance and international quality to provide customers with cost-effective LED cores.

At present, the company has more than 550 patents worldwide, and is a vertically integrated LED manufacturing and development company for solid-state light sources, specializing in designing solutions for the lighting industry. It is currently the only LED supplier in the industry with parallel and vertical chip technology.

Puri chip has excellent performance in both performance and long-term stability. The Puri chip has high output brightness and luminous efficiency and low thermal resistance. It can reach 150-160Lm/W lumens at 350 mA and is constantly improving. The Puri chip has a stable luminous flux maintenance rate and high reliability, which has been confirmed by long-term market reputation. The LM80 is certified for a good package design. The light is evenly distributed at high currents, in accordance with the ideal Braun beam angle.

Puri chips are used in indoor and outdoor, architectural lighting, indicator lighting, backlight applications, flash applications and more. The products including horizontal structure and vertical structure have attracted market attention since the launch of the product. In 2013, the BX series 4545 size chip accounted for the largest share of the domestic market of similar products.

Since the beginning of this year, Puri has also accelerated its layout in the domestic market. In addition to high-power chip products and in line with customer demand, it is actively introducing small and medium-sized power products to meet the market demand for Puri chips, providing customers with world-class quality and patent protection products. Expand the market together.

Good products are inseparable from the good display platform. In order to better display the products, Puri will bring the BX Chip series series of high-power blue-chip chips to the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, hoping to gain some.

Golden Globe WeChat voting instructions:

1. Pre-registration of voting: August 1st - 7th 1. If you have already paid attention to the official WeChat of Gaogong LED, please click the “Golden Ball Award-Voting Pre-registration” menu bar under the official WeChat of Gaogong LED Network for pre-registration.

2, if you have not paid attention to the high-tech LED WeChat, please pay attention to the official WeChat (micro-signal: weixin-gg-led) of the high-tech LED network, and then click on the menu bar "Golden Ball Award-Pre-registration" under the official WeChat of Gaogong LED. Pre-registration.

Second, WeChat voting time: August 8, 2014, 9:00, September 30, 24:00

Voting process:

The first step: add high LED official micro signal: weixin-gg-led or scan QR code

Step 2: Click on the [Golden Globe Award] below - select "I want to vote" - enter the voting system interface;

Step 3: Click on the [ Blu-ray Chips ] category to find the " Puri Opto-Blue High-Power Chip " to vote.

About the Golden Globe Award:

The industry research and media organization authoritative in the LED lighting industry---the high-tech Golden Globe Award of the high-tech LED organization--LED good product selection, aiming to jointly recommend and select the LED products with credibility in the industry to encourage Enterprises strive to be the spirit of the first brand.

Since 2010, this industry-renowned selection campaign has been successfully held for four consecutive years. This year is the fifth session. This year's Golden Globe Awards will use the industry's real name WeChat vote + special judges to vote under the real name to ensure the objectivity and fairness of the voting.

The 2014 High-tech LED Conference and High-tech Golden Globe Awards Ceremony will be held in Shenzhen on December 12-13, 2014. At that time, the top leaders of the LED lighting industry will gather in Shenzhen to enjoy the Oscar red carpet-style courtesy. Witness the annual glory of the LED lighting industry.

2014 Gaogong Golden Globe Awards Selection Process:

The first stage: June 1st - July 31st business registration → Produce candidate list Second stage: August 1st - September 30th Industry WeChat real name vote → Generate shortlisted third stage: October 1-November 20th finalist corporate video production / judges real-name voting → winners fourth stage: December 12-13, Shenzhen 2014 High-tech LED Conference and High-tech Golden Globe Awards Ceremony (announced winners)

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