NXP's wireless control system for intelligent lighting applications

Wireless control system for intelligent lighting applications. All lights are connected to a wireless network and can be controlled via remote controls, wall switches or networked equipment.

Main features and advantages

All nodes use IPv6 connectivity to interconnect up to 250 lamps to provide lighting control throughout the building Ultra-low power wireless devices with standby power consumption below 150mW Full reference design for CFL and SSL lamps

Wireless control:

The JenNet-IP network interconnects all lights and switches, providing flexible wireless control of all devices in the room. Each endpoint has an IPv6 address that can be controlled individually or as part of a group. This creates a variety of lighting "scenes," such as scenes when reading or watching TV.

Since each light is connected to the Internet, it can be easily controlled via a networked device such as a smartphone or tablet. Other control devices such as switches or remote controls can be used to provide convenience in everyday life. With fully flexible control, you can save energy by ensuring that only the lamps you really need to achieve the highest brightness.

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