New Tsinghua Academy Hall Auditorium Lighting Solution

I. Project Overview

The Tsinghua University Centennial Hall Project is located on the campus of Tsinghua University in Haidian District, Beijing. The main functions include three parts: the New Tsinghua School, the Concert Hall, and the Tsinghua University History Museum. The total construction area is 42,950 square meters, the total height of the building is 23.60 meters, and the highest point of the local stage tower is 32.6 meters. Among them, the New Tsinghua School is the main building of the Centennial Hall of Tsinghua University. It has many functions such as assembly, report, teacher and student cultural activities, professional performances, etc. It is a large-scale B theater. Its auditorium consists of a pool of two seats and two floors, with a total of 2011 seats. The ceiling of the auditorium is petal-shaped, with a depth of 35.4 meters, a width of 33.6 meters, and a net height of 2.8 to 17.5 meters.

Second, design ideas

As the iconic building of Tsinghua University's centennial celebration, the seats of the Tsinghua Academy's auditorium use Tsinghua University's color-purple as the main color, and the surrounding walls are decorated with light brown solid wood, combined with architectural acoustics to make the folding shape, making architectural aesthetics and architecture. The combination of acoustics complements each other; the lighting of the auditorium uses the theme of Tsinghua University Flower - Bauhinia, with a group of Bauhinia Lanterns, nine sets of Bauhinia small ring lights, combined with thousands of point light sources, full of flowers and brocade Clusters, Bauhinia are shining; looking at the entire audience hall, it is like a huge Bauhinia blooming. The combination of architectural lighting and architectural decoration fully expresses the theme and artistic conception of "Buddhist Bauhinia Opens a Hundred Years Spring, Tao Li Huan gathers Tsinghua Garden", so that every audience present is heart-warming.

Third, the lighting effect
Fourth, design standards and lighting methods

According to the "Architectural Lighting Design Standards" GB50034-2004, the illuminance of the auditorium design is: the average illuminance of the general meeting mode is 300lx, the average illuminance of the reporting mode is 200lx, the uniformity of illumination in the VIP area is >0.7, and the uniformity of illumination in other areas is >0.5; The color rendering index Ra>85, the color temperature is 4000K, and the uniform glare value UGR<22.

The lighting fixtures are divided into two parts: basic lighting and decorative effect lighting; in the VIP area of ​​the auditorium of the auditorium (ie, the highest height in the net height), the lighting adopts a special Bauhinia theme with a large lantern ceiling lifting; the stamen next to the theme lantern uses 92 points. The light source lamps are embedded and installed; the nine groups of Bauhinia small ring lights are composed of 72 energy-saving lamps, which are embedded and installed; the large-area point light source lamps are arranged radially and embedded.

The compact energy-saving fluorescent lamp used in the base lighting of the auditorium is equipped with a dimmable electronic ballast with a power factor of COS∅>0.9; its model and quantity are as follows:

Number of lamps name (correction factor) Φ (lamps) (lm) Φ (light source) (lm) number
Lamp name
The decorative effect lighting consists of a large flower lantern, a decorative flower with surrounding flowers, nine small purple ring lights and a 300-meter LED light strip.

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