Music as super 3X55 and cool open 55N2 which is better?

According to relevant statistics, the 55-inch TV is still the mainstream size of the TV market, and the size of the golden ratio, of course, will be the target of many TV manufacturers.

Coocaa and LeTV, as leading manufacturers in the smart TV market, have products available in this size. Cool open this year released the cool open 55N2 with the name of "Super Flash 2nd Generation"; and music as ultra 3X55 released earlier, is a better integration of hardware, software and content services. Faced with two super-TVs, many friends are confused and do not know which one to buy. Here's a comparison.


In terms of design, LeTV 3X55 adopts an integrated body design. The interface of the motherboard circuit and other interfaces are wrapped with brown transparent plastic material, which looks a little worse. The ultra-thin cloud base used by LeTV 3X55 is a big bright spot in appearance. The use of asymmetric streamlined design is very elegant and has a sense of design. However, if you want to own it seems to add extra money.

Cool open N2's appearance and music as the difference is greater, the base bracket is used to support the foot support, more concise; in color and craft are consistent with the TV body, firmly support the left and right ends of the TV, and will not cause the viewer to visually Obstacles. In terms of the frame, the N2 uses an aluminum alloy material to make it look exceptionally high-end. In addition, the narrow bezel design makes the N2 screen look full of technology.


Performance, LeTV TV 3 X55 Next-generation 32-bit expert smart TV chip, 2GB of high-speed memory, plus nearly 3 times the speed of Wi-Fi connection, Super 3 X55 allows you to play games, watching videos are good Experience. More RGB three-color true 4K ultra-high-definition screen, 4 times the resolution of 1080P.

Cool open 55N2 has a 24 core processor, Mali-T820, a more powerful performance, storage configuration is a combination of 2GB + 8GB. Three HDMI 2.0 and one USB3.0+1 USB 2.0, as well as various types of interfaces such as AV input, RF input, audio output, coaxial audio output, and network. JBL audio, dual bass radiators, and three-way loudspeakers work together to make the N2 sound quality very good.

Content resources:

In terms of content resources, Cool Open N2 includes Tencent videos, and movies, TV shows, animations, etc., HBO classic American dramas, National Geographic documentaries, NBA and other sports events are also wonderful, bring good hardware + good content for consumers. Home entertainment audiovisual experience. As a game TV, N2 contains more than 2,000 games, no need to install, no game console, and through the cloud game platform, you can play a large number of high-quality console games, which is also a unique product on the market.

More than 100,000 episodes of TV dramas, movies, animations, variety shows, and other network entertainment content brought by the EUI smart system of the Super 3X55, have a large part of 1080P resolution and are available in 4K, 3D, and Dolby. There are F1, European football, tennis and other sports games broadcast. However, LeTV's content tends to be more 'self-made', and users can choose more than cool to open.

Quality and after sales:

If the above two items have their own characteristics, then in terms of quality and after-sales service, LeTV is not as cool as sales despite its rapid sales. Sharing nearly 5,000 after-sales service outlets nationwide with Skyworth allows Cool Open users to further repair and maintain the TV. This is very necessary for a home appliance. I believe that friends who have had similar experiences will understand. This is what many of my friends are most worried about when they purchase products like Xiaomi and LeTV.

In summary, the appearance if you like the simple atmosphere, you choose to cool open; like smart, design sense to choose music as. And if you really consider from a practical point of view, the individual is more recommended to cool open, and the perfect after-sales allow it to take a lot of advantage. In addition, cloud games running console games are also worth trying. Right?

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