Lighting principle

Before the maintenance and cleaning of the lamps, we must first understand the purchase of the lamps, not only because the lamps are fragile items, but also because the bulbs will be affected by the service life and need to be purchased more frequently. The necessary purchase method will not bring great difficulties to the subsequent maintenance work.

In the process of purchasing, try to choose the home market that consumers are satisfied with or have after-sales service trust. To shop around, for the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. The shape of the lamps is antique, innovative and practical. Large chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, etc. are all developed according to the 18th century court lamps, which are suitable for social occasions with large space. Modern lamps with unique shapes, such as various spotlights and bull's-eye lamps, are all innovative lamps. The usual daylight, writing desk lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc. are all traditional lamps. The shape of these three types of lamps should be pursued as much as possible in the overall selection.

Styles should be selected according to their artistic taste and living conditions. Families with living rooms can use some of the more fashionable lamps in the living room, such as trigeminal chandeliers, floral wall lamps, and multi-section rotating floor lamps. Households with tight housing should not be fitted with too stylish lighting, which will increase the crowding. A room with a height of less than 2.8 meters is not suitable for chandeliers. Only ceiling lamps can be installed to make the room look taller. The color of the luminaire is subject to the color of the entire room. In order not to damage the overall color design of the room, we must pay attention to the lampshade of the lamp, the color of the shell is coordinated with the color of the wall, furniture and curtains.

(1) Purchase on demand

Lighting is the crowning touch of the new home decoration, it must not be sloppy when selecting. Generally speaking, it is advisable to use a dignified and bright chandelier or ceiling lamp in the living room. If the room is tall, use an incandescent chandelier or a large round chandelier to make the living room look transparent. However, it is not advisable to use all the chandeliers with downward distribution, but the upper space should also have a certain brightness to reduce the difference in brightness between the upper and lower spaces. If the room is low, you can use a ceiling lamp and a floor lamp, so that the living room looks bright and generous, with a sense of the times. The shape and color of the luminaire should be coordinated with the furnishings of the living room.

The lighting of the study should be based on the principle of brightness and softness. It is more suitable to use the lamp of incandescent light bulb. The desk lamp of the desk should be adapted to the nature of the work and the learning needs. It is advisable to use a direct table lamp with a reflector and a lower opening, that is, a work table lamp or a writing table lamp. The light source of the table lamp is usually an incandescent lamp or a fluorescent lamp. A small spotlight can be installed in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only help identify the title, but also maintain the temperature to prevent the book from being wet and rot.

There are several kinds of lights in the bedroom, such as ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., should be able to adjust and mix at will to create a warm and atmosphere. Wall lamps and floor lamps can be used instead of the ceiling lights in the center of the room. It is advisable to use a diffusing material lampshade with a low surface brightness to make the bedroom look soft and comfortable. It is also possible to install a hanging main lamp in a suitable position in the room, and a wall lamp on the bedside, and these lights are separately controlled.

The dining table of the restaurant requires horizontal illumination, so it is advisable to use a luminaire or a pull-down luminaire that is strongly directed downwards so that it can be pulled down to a height of 600 mm to 700 mm on the table. The position of the luminaire is generally directly above the dining table. The lampshade should be cleaned with a glass, plastic or metal material that is clean and tidy. It can also be illuminated by floor lamps, and warm wall lights can be properly placed on the nearby walls, which will make the atmosphere more enthusiastic and increase appetite.

Ceiling lights are generally used in kitchens, hygiene and aisles, because these places require less illumination, and have large moisture and dust. The ceiling lamps are easy to clean and help protect the bulbs. The lamps in the kitchen should be installed in places where steam and smoke can be avoided. Glass or enamel lampshades should be used to facilitate scrubbing and corrosion resistance. In the bathroom, bright and soft lamps should be used, and the lamps should be protected from moisture and rust.

(2) In the process of selecting lamps, it is necessary to understand such selection criteria.

1 Safety, when choosing a luminaire, you can't be greedy and cheap, but you must first check its quality, check the warranty book, and the certificate is complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but it is not good to be too cheap. The quality of many cheap lamps is not enough, and there are always hidden dangers. Once a fire breaks out, the consequences are unimaginable.

2 Pay attention to the consistency of style in lighting selection. The color, shape and style of the lamps must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture. The flashy lighting is not a icing on the cake, but a superfluous addition. In addition to the color tone of the interior, the choice of the color of the luminaire can of course be purchased according to personal preference. In particular, the color of the lampshade has a great effect on the atmosphere. The size, type and number of lamps should be coordinated with the size of the room, the total area, and the height of the room.

3Because the style of lamps and lanterns is endless, before you buy lighting, you should first understand the development trend of modern lighting, so as to avoid the bad luck of the newly bought lighting. Moreover, from the perspective of power saving, it is possible to install an energy-saving light source.

4 to carefully inspect the goods. The lighting is mainly made of glass, which is fragile. After long-distance transportation, scratches or damage will inevitably occur. Since the lighting is generally hung in a prominent position in the home, even a small damage will affect the use of the effect.

5 lighting expenses generally account for about 10% of the entire renovation expenditure. Therefore, the quality of the lighting to be purchased should be determined according to your own economic situation.

(3) To prevent light pollution

Some homes like to decorate the room with various colors and various styles of lights. As everyone knows, the colorful lights are harmful to people's vision, and they can interfere with the function of the nerves in the brain.

Especially in the study, you must use a lamp with stable brightness. The light emitted by a normal ordinary light bulb is obviously reddish compared with natural light, which makes the resolution of the human eye decrease. Therefore, in order to read the font on the book, the eyes must be close. Although the light emitted by the ordinary gaze light is white, since it is directly lit by 50 Hz alternating current, the brightness of the fluorescent lamp will constantly change, which is the stroboscopic phenomenon of the gaze light. Learning under the fluorescent lights for a long time, the eyes will feel tired.

Now there is a new type of eye-protection lamp, which is a non-frequency flash fluorescent lamp developed from the illumination source of a color liquid crystal display. It can emit brightness, flicker-free, natural light and similar white light, which is suitable for primary and secondary school students under the lamp for a long time. Reading requirements are an ideal source of light.

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