LED sapphire substrate prices continue to fall, equipment factory orders are still hot

[High-tech LED News] Recently, the price of LED sapphire substrates has dropped significantly. The price of 2-inch sapphire substrates has fallen to a minimum of $15 per piece.

In the current state of overcapacity in the upstream LED epitaxial, the price of LED components has also declined to some extent. Although the price of LED sapphire substrates continues to fall, the orders of LED sapphire substrate equipment manufacturers are still hot, including the name has been renamed a few days ago. GT Advanced Technologies' GT Solar, as well as ARC Energy, Thermal Technology, and CrystalTech, have more orders for LED sapphire-related production equipment in Q2 and Q3 in 2011.

This year is the largest market for LED sapphire substrate production equipment in the world, including Asian markets including China, Taiwan and South Korea. The Chinese market is the most active.

In addition, manufacturers have begun to shrink, reduce purchase orders for equipment manufacturers, or deferred delivery to reduce the impact of oversupply.

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