LED plate trend is strong, Foshan lighting ranks first

The LED sector was strong on Friday morning, and the sector's gains were in the forefront of the two cities. From the face of the disk, as of 10:01, Foshan Lighting rose nearly 5% led the sector, Zhejiang Sunshine, Derun Haoda, Han's Laser and other gains exceeded 3%, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Sanan Optoelectronics rose more than 2% .

Medical  Actuator

Medical series mainly apply  for medical equipment, such as hospital bed, dental chair, rehabilitation training equipment, etc. They are very quiet so that you can barely notice it.  More than 4 models are available for different requirements. Max. load ranges from 6,000N to 12,000N. There are different controllers to be chosen, including handset and control box.

Health Care Electric Linear Actuator Application

Medical Care Actuator

Medical Care Actuator,Electric Linear Actuator,Actuator For Patient Lift,Dc Medical Care Actuator


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