LED lighting enterprise new environment needs more calm and positioning

At present, the LED lighting industry is highly competitive, and there are some enterprises that are eager for success and greed. I believe that in the current industry environment, enterprises need to be more calm, and only a calm can make a decision. At the same time, I have always believed that LED lighting needs more than integration, but subdivision, not transformation, but positioning. Enterprises must be differentiated. Manufacturers may be producers. They don't have to think about engineering and commercial platforms. Everyone can do their own expertise and it may be successful.

Now, there are many other industries, such as Alibaba, Xiaomi, Jingdong, etc. They choose to enter LED lighting. This is a very good phenomenon, indicating that this industry is still promising. The lighting industry needs a platform in the future. We now have engineering companies, distributors, and media, but there is no platform.

In the future, enterprise development must enter e-commerce. Although some people in the lighting industry have the courage and funds to do these things, they may lack experience in this area. If we take any one person as a competitive relationship, I will not be able to live if he comes, then this matter will be troublesome. In the future, the manufacturer may not open a store to sell things, or to experience. The physical platform is not a competition, but only for the healthier development of the enterprise. Therefore, I feel that enterprises need to be more positioned. First, they must know what they can do. If they feel that they are not capable of making a platform, then it is better to be honest.

There are now more than 20,000 LED lighting companies, and maybe 20,000 in ten years, but the division of labor is different. Some people don't make it, and a lot of other products are made by professional manufacturers. Just like the mobile phone industry, there are thousands of mobile phone manufacturers, but there are only a few brands, and others are for these services. This industry needs everyone to be calm and calm. In fact, the competition is not so terrible. The positioning is fixed. Don't think about anything that can't be done.

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