LED intelligent lighting in the European and American markets has been favored by the domestic market

In recent years, the concept of intelligent lighting has been talked about more and more. It has been asserted that with the increasing number of products available for LEDs and the rapid decline in cost, smart lighting will occupy a large share of the entire lighting market in the short term. Because smart lighting has quickly become the most popular smart home application, consumers' interest in smart LED bulbs has also increased dramatically.

So, is the actual situation of the market so optimistic? The author interviewed many people in the industry on this issue, but they got different answers. They think that although smart lighting is favored in the European and American markets, the concept of intelligent lighting in the domestic market I don't know yet, so there is still a long way to go before smart lighting can be promoted in China.

As a lighting group company that integrates creation, innovation, production, R&D, design and sales, Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. has been involved in the field of intelligent lighting for many years. Huang Di, project manager of the company's LED R&D department, said in an interview: "Intelligent lighting is definitely the future development direction of home lighting, but now domestic smart lighting is in the dilemma of insufficient market demand, and production is facing serious problems. Because there is no uniform standard, the products produced by each product may not be matched. Moreover, the concept of lighting for domestic consumers is still at a relatively primitive stage. Most people only need to switch and add light bulbs to illuminate the room. Just fine."

Fu Xinghong, deputy director of the R&D department of Tongfang Lighting Industry Group Co., Ltd., also believes that the current domestic LED intelligent lighting market demand is too low, the most important reason is that domestic consumers have relatively low acceptance of intelligent lighting. Fu Xinghong also bluntly said that true intelligent lighting can change the brightness and color of lighting according to changes in temperature, scene and environment. Now there are many enterprises in the LED industry that can meet this requirement, but because of the acceptance of smart lighting in China. Low, so the products produced by intelligent lighting are more oriented to the European and American markets. Tongfang Lighting Industry Group is one of the domestic LED industry's complete industrial chain from chip manufacturing, LED packaging and LED application.

Xie Qingsong, an electronics engineer at Zhuhai Huamei Lighting Co., Ltd., also held the same view. Xie Qingsong said: "If we want to change everyone's philosophy and let more consumers accept intelligence, we must first develop a unified standard for the industry. Let all domestic LED companies be able to carry out standardized production. Secondly, we must let everyone accept intelligent lighting through subtle ways. For example, through commercial lighting, we can change the acceptance of intelligent lighting, including proper publicity, and Public places are the first to achieve intelligent lighting, so that more people can access smart lighting. In this way, consumers will slowly change their concept of lighting, so that after receiving intelligent lighting, the related promotion work will be much easier."

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