Intelligent lighting, energy-saving real estate development set off a new boom

With the rapid development of real estate, the demand for matching lighting products has also increased significantly. In terms of power consumption, it becomes the second largest energy consumer after air conditioning and heating motors. Lighting energy consumption accounts for 25% to 35% of the total electricity consumption of the building, accounting for 13% of the total electricity consumption in the country.

In the process of using the building lighting, in addition to the power consumed by the light source itself, the luminaire will also generate corresponding heat. This part of the heat is one of the main heat sources for air conditioning and heating, which constitute the largest energy consumer in the building.

This series of facts is also showing the alarm when we show people that the lighting energy consumption is large. At present, the country strongly advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, and as the building lighting of large power consumers, it is the first to become the backbone of energy conservation.

Lighting energy saving is a system engineering, which involves the selection of lighting fixtures and intelligent control after completion. As an integral part of this system, the light source achieves the desired energy saving goals in a simple manner. Therefore, it has become the first choice for electrical engineers to save energy. At present, the common light sources used in China's civil buildings are incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and HID lamps. With the development of technology, some new light sources, such as fiber optic lighting and LEDs, will be gradually adopted.

In the actual application process, all kinds of light sources have their advantages and disadvantages, and have a certain range of applications. Designers can flexibly choose the supporting energy-saving light source according to the nature of the venue and the visual requirements of the personnel. For example, in offices, classrooms, conference rooms, etc., where the illumination requirements are not high, try to choose a small-tube straight-tube three-color fluorescent tube with high luminous efficiency, long life, and good color rendering. Because the efficiency of the straight tube is better than that of the curved tube, and the thinner the tube diameter, the higher the light efficiency, the better the power saving effect; in addition, the combination of the three primary colors of red, green and blue becomes warm white light. The light color of the three primary color fluorescent tubes is close to the sunlight, the lighting is comfortable, and the luminous efficiency is high, which is in accordance with the conditions of the high quality light source. Energy saving can be achieved when basic usage is met. This kind of product should be the primary consideration of designers. Nowadays, LED products, which are widely concerned by the media, as a new type of green semiconductor light-emitting diode, have higher effective illuminance than ordinary light sources under the same conditions; and they do not contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead, and waste can be Recycling, there is no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, and it will not pollute the outside world in production and use. The advantage of the light source is very obvious, and it is called the fourth generation new green light source by the outside world. However, LED products themselves have some problems, such as uneven distribution of secondary optics, color fading caused by poor heat dissipation, and problems with the use of optical fibers. These problems have not been effectively solved in the industry, so they are subject to Some restrictions. But this does not mean that we can not use the product. At present, such LED products can be widely used in areas where the contrast is not strictly required, such as landscape engineering in cities, ramps in the community, interior decoration, etc., to better utilize the characteristics of LED light sources and achieve energy saving goals. .

These light sources provide a broad space for our designers. Designers should make full use of the advantages of energy-saving light sources to fully create a green and environmentally friendly lighting space.

Promote the use of intelligent lighting systems

As a simple and effective energy saving measure, energy-saving light source mainly plays a role in small buildings or home lighting. But in large public buildings, its energy-saving effect is a bit insignificant.

In the operation and management of public building construction, in order to achieve energy-saving effect, the use of intelligent lighting system is advocated. The lighting control system is an intelligent device, which is incorporated into the building equipment automation system BAS (Building Automation System), through computer integration. The system performs daily operation and management on the computer operating platform of the main control room. Time program programming is provided according to the daily scheduled schedule in the integrated management software, the annual scheduled schedule, and the schedule of holidays, specific dates, etc., and a lighting plan for the whole year is provided.

Programming on the integrated management platform can realize automatic lighting control of the lighting circuit of each lighting zone, automatically adjust the indoor illumination, and maintain the set value, and flexibly modify each lighting circuit through the graphical interface with a mouse click. Switch control and continuous adjustment of illumination.

The intelligent control system can also calculate the running time and illuminance level of the lighting fixture according to the summary report of the lighting system's running time and illuminance value (distinguishing the lighting circuits in each lighting place), and fully integrate the software. The preset working cycle program table automatically switches the operation of each lighting circuit luminaire to balance the running time of the luminaires of each lighting circuit, and regularly maintains and repairs the luminaire according to the summary report to extend the service life of the luminaire.

After adopting this intelligent control, the system can control the lighting of the entire building on the computer platform without being restricted by the light source and the luminaire. This will achieve the expected energy saving goals while improving lighting utilization, saving a lot of power resources for the entire building.

Reasonable layout of construction projects, fully improve lighting quality

Lighting energy saving is achieved on the basis of ensuring and improving the quality of lighting. When designing lighting, the corresponding lighting scheme should be determined according to the different functions of various buildings. At present, various types of architectural design are becoming larger and larger, functions are more and more complex, facilities are more and more complete, and interior decoration is becoming more and more high-end. The house needs to create a warm and comfortable feeling for the people; the office building needs a clear and relaxed atmosphere; the shopping mall needs to increase the illumination, illuminate the goods, attract the attention of the customers, stimulate the mass consumption; the dining places need peace and increase appetite; Entertainment venues need to make people relax and so on. These functions can be embodied in architectural design, but it depends largely on the fit of the lighting design, so the building function should be fully considered when determining the lighting design. Reasonable illuminance standards are determined according to visual work requirements, and different places should be illuminated with purpose. The same room can be divided into work area, traffic area, non-critical area, etc., so as to treat differently when choosing illumination. When a certain part or parts of the work area require high illumination, a general illumination of the partition can be adopted. Local lighting is required for places that require high illumination; in rooms where work locations are often changed, try to use flexible lighting solutions where the position of the lamps can be adjusted. It is also necessary to make full use of natural light. Natural light is mainly used during the day. When natural light is not enough, it is supplemented by constant artificial lighting, so that the natural light emitted by the window and the artificial lighting in the room are properly and reasonably coordinated to form a good lighting environment. Save energy. Building lighting energy conservation runs through the entire process of engineering design, construction, and production. Therefore, the potential for energy saving in lighting systems is still considerable. When designing the lighting system, choose reasonable lighting products and advanced intelligent lighting control system. In the later daily operation, adopt scientific and standardized management, and start from various channels, it can effectively alleviate the current situation of China's power shortage. To achieve the goal of energy saving.

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