Huawei Wyatt user data removal method

My Yue Box has recently encountered trouble.

During the installation of SEASON IPTV, some of the screens were black, and the factory settings were restored. As a result, the uninstalled applications and ROOT files were forgotten. The live broadcast was visible, but in recent days, the running program storage space was always small. There are only 100 or more M, but the program page has only one or two programs. It is still very small. Even if it is uninstalled, it will not work. Afterwards, we will call Jingdong customer service and get a call from Yuet Box to learn that we can use factory mode to clear user data. .

Speaking of here, everyone still remembers the way to upgrade the upgrade of Wyatt's box, press and hold the power key, and press the power of the remote controller more than ten times to enter the factory mode. This time select item 5, not item 2, clear the user data, It will restart soon and look at the available memory to become more than 700 M. The problem is solved.

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