Guangzhou Tower will hang LED outdoor advertising landmark building commercial advertising hot discussion

Outdoor advertising will be on the landmark building in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Tower (commonly known as “small waist”), and this news on Thursday (14th) triggered widespread public attention. Should urban landmarks be set up for outdoor advertising? Netizens have different opinions. Outdoor advertising companies and industry associations believe that “can, but must formally innovate and integrate with the surrounding landscape”, experts say “can not let commercial interests abduct public space and aesthetics”. Then, should the "small waist" as the "facade" of Guangzhou should set up commercial advertisements? According to informed sources, there was a voice of opposition as early as the Guangzhou City Management Committee solicited opinions.

At the reserve price, the financial revenue was 0.46 billion yuan.
Last Wednesday, the Guangzhou City Management Committee announced the “Guangzhou City Advance Approval of Outdoor Advertising Planning”, which proposed the setting points of 10 outdoor advertisements, and the Guangzhou Tower was among them.

According to the public notice of the tender, the outdoor advertisement set up by Guangzhou Tower is an advertisement for LED hanging net. Commercial advertisements are interspersed between 19:00 and 22:00 every day. The playing time is arranged at the hour and half, about 5-10 minutes each time, and no more than 60 minutes per night. In the event of major holidays, major events or extreme events, the government must release information when the information needs to be published. If the meteorological department needs to publish weather information such as weather warnings, the advertising time must be avoided.

Among the 10 points announced in advance, the five-year transfer price of Guangzhou Tata is the highest, reaching 1.5438 billion yuan. According to the public notice of the tender, the government and the landlord will share the income from the Guangzhou Tower advertising space in proportion to the “three-seven points”.

If the advertising space is sold at the reserve price, the Guangzhou Municipal Finance will account for approximately 46.314 million yuan. It is understood that this money belongs to the government's non-tax revenue and is used by the government in a coordinated manner. It is mainly used for urban public facilities construction, urban management, and social public service advertising.

Gaopan Guangzhou Tower promotes brand value
The road to setting up outdoor advertising in Guangzhou Tower is very rough. As early as 2012, Guangzhou City proposed a round of outdoor advertising planning, which clearly clarified that Guangzhou Tower is in the “ban”. The early approval plan issued last Wednesday means that Guangzhou outdoor advertising will usher in a major reshuffle.

The reporter found that in recent years, commercial advertisements have appeared in Guangzhou Tata. On the Lunar New Year's Eve night on February 9, 2013, a well-known herbal tea brand “lighted up” the Guangzhou Tower, and the three-character brand name appeared in the Guangzhou Tower “full body”. Subsequently, a communication company's 4G brand also boarded the Guangzhou Tower, but the display position is located in the "lower body."

Some insiders admit that to do commercial advertising on the "small waist", the value of brand promotion is far greater than the commercial value. “More is the landmark building and the surrounding environment, which will increase the awareness of commercial brands, and the actual purchasing power will not be obvious.”

If you want to "high climb" the Guangzhou Tower, the price is not small. According to informed sources, the two companies have invested in "a lot of advertising fees", but the specific amount has not been announced. According to the public notice, the LED hanging net of the Guangzhou Tower planning advertising space is being installed and is expected to be put into use in October.

Follow-up: Is the landmark building now commercial, is it appropriate?

When Guangzhou Tower set up the news of outdoor advertising, it became a hot topic in Guangzhou.

It is understood that one month before the advance approval of the plan, the municipal city management committee has solicited opinions on the small-scale planning in advance. At that time, it was suggested that the Guangzhou Tower was not an upright building and its surface was curved. This meant that Guangzhou Tata could not broadcast video and photo advertisements, “only text and simple graphics could be played”.

According to the plan proposed by the owner, the planned advertising space is located in the upper middle part of the tower, and the form is “LED hanging advertisement”. As night falls, Guangzhou Tata is covered by LED lights, changing the same light as the body line, and the overall outline of the "small waist" is graceful. However, the emergence of advertising space may separate the "whole", affecting the overall perception of the "small waist" at night.

The person familiar with the matter said that during the consultation stage, it was clearly stated that it was opposed to planning outdoor advertising points on the central axis of Zhujiang New Town. "I hope to have a quiet place in Guangzhou." Some insiders said that outdoor advertising must be integrated with the surrounding environment. "The form of commercial advertising in Guangzhou Tower is still undetermined. Whether the effect presented is in line with urban and architectural aesthetics needs further argumentation."

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