Ford will release Model E, will it make Tesla tremble?

Yesterday, Ford held its first quarter earnings meeting, CEO Mark Fields revealed: Ford is planning a long-term autonomous car program.

When asked if Ford was building an electric car to fight Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3, Mark Fields said: "Obviously, we are doing this now." He added: Ford is now working on Become a leader in the electric vehicle market.

Ford will release Model E, will it make Tesla tremble?

According to "Automotive News" report: Ford will build an electric car, the price of the 200-mile electric car called Model E. This name is to let Tesla look at it, so Ford's ambition is also imaginable. Ford has positioned the Model E in a compact model that will introduce a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and purely electric version that will replace the pure electric version of the Fox and the hybrid and plug-in hybrids. Edition C-MAX.

Although Fields declined to disclose the date of the release of the electric car, the news revealed that Ford will start production at a new plant in Mexico, starting in 2019.

Many people are wondering why they have such a car name with a strong Tesla flavor. But as everyone knows, Tesla's Model series is actually from Ford's car name, Ford has had Model T and Model A.

Although Ford uses the name Model E to make Tesla tremble, will the Ford Model E really make Tesla tremble? Let us wait and see.

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