Feihong successfully entered the US LED lighting market, 2012 revenue is expected to increase

Taiwanese manufacturer Feihong, which is benefiting from power orders, is actively targeting LED lighting and is optimistic about the US market. At present, LED's share of revenue has climbed to 15%. In addition, among the top 5 LED lighting brands in the United States, it has already succeeded in the top 4 big cards, and is expected to make a big profit in 2012.

In the LED lighting part, Feihong borrowed power leading technology, and after the smooth delivery to Philips, the order also brought "butterfly effect". The legal person is optimistic that Feihong will attack the LED lighting market more smoothly next year, and the performance is expected to be "big harvest".

Feihong's revenue in November increased by 14.7% to NT$955 million. In the first three quarters of 2011, the EPS has reached 4.51 yuan. The Q4 performance is not weak in the off-season. In 2011, the EPS will be “5”.


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