Electric car charging mode

According to the technology and use characteristics of electric vehicle power battery packs, there are certain differences in the charging mode of electric vehicles. For the choice of charging scheme, there are three modes of conventional charging, fast charging and battery pack quick replacement system.

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1, regular charging

After the battery is terminated, it should be charged immediately (in special cases, it should not exceed 24h). The charging current is quite low and the size is about 15A. This type of charging is called regular charging (normal charging). Conventional battery charging methods use a constant current or constant current charging with a small current, and the charging time is generally 5-8 hours, and even as long as 10 to 20 hours.

Because the power and current ratings are not critical, conventional charging chargers and installation costs are relatively low; power can be fully utilized for charging during low valley periods, reducing charging costs; increasing charging efficiency and extending battery life. The main disadvantage of the conventional charging mode is that the charging time is too long and it is difficult to meet the emergency operation requirements.

2, fast charging

The charging method of the conventional battery generally takes a long time, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the actual use. The emergence of fast-charging batteries has provided technical support for the commercialization of pure electric vehicles. Fast charging, also known as emergency charging, is a short-time charging service provided by a large current for a short period of time within 20 minutes to 2 hours of parking the electric vehicle. The general charging current is 150-400A.

Fast charging and charging time is short; rechargeable battery has long life (can be charged more than 2000 times); no memory, can charge and discharge in large capacity, can charge 70%~80% of electricity in a few minutes; due to charging in a short time (About 10-15 minutes) can make the battery storage capacity reach 80%-90%, which is similar to the refueling time. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a large parking lot when constructing the corresponding charging station. However, compared with the conventional charging mode, fast charging also has certain disadvantages: the charging efficiency of the charger is low, and the corresponding work and installation cost are high; due to the rapid charging, the charging current is large, which is the charging technology method and the charging method. Safety puts higher demands, and metering and charging design also requires special consideration.

3, mechanical charging

Mechanical charging is to change the battery, that is, the battery pack is quickly replaced. The purpose of charging it is achieved by directly replacing the battery pack of the electric vehicle. Due to the large weight of the battery pack, the professional requirements for replacing the battery are strong, and professional personnel are required to quickly complete the replacement, charging and maintenance of the battery by means of professional machinery.

Electric vehicle users can rent a fully charged battery and replace the exhausted battery, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of the vehicle, and also improves the convenience and speed of the user. The replaced battery can be charged by the low valley period, which reduces the battery. The charging cost improves the economical operation of the vehicle; solves the problems of charging time and even the amount of stored charge, battery quality, long driving mileage and price; can find the problem of the single battery in the battery pack in time, carry out maintenance work, for the battery Maintenance work will be positive, and the reduction in battery pack depth will also help to improve battery life.

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