Dong Mingzhu talks about Yinlong: Tesla battery used ten years of silver for ten years

Dong Mingzhu specifically indicated that she invested in Yinlong because she is optimistic about this technology. "More importantly, it is optimistic about the environmental protection it brings to China and the world."

At that time, I bought a hybrid car in Japan. I am a bit rude to talk here today. Although there is progress, I think there is a little confusion in concept. 90% or more of us still rely on traditional gasoline to get the car running. How long does this battery last when only 10% of the possibilities are used? If you don't have a battery for three years, you need one or two thousand dollars for a battery. I think it is the most advanced? A question mark should be placed.

Later Tesla came out and I bought a Tesla. Everyone said that Tesla was very bullish, but I later discovered that the Tesla battery is not titanium. And I used this Tesla battery to change the battery after three years. But I invested in Yinlong here today. I am here today to represent Yinlong. You have used the Yinlong car for ten years to ensure that you do not change. It’s mine if the battery is broken. No one dares to stand with me and shout this sentence. This is China’s pride.

On the afternoon of December 15, Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree Electric Appliances attended the “New Energy, New Kinetic Energy, New Value” China Manufacturing Summit Forum held by Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.澎湃News reporter Zhang Ningtu Gree Electric failed to acquire Zhuhai Yinlong, Dong Mingzhu intends to own shares.

On the afternoon of December 15, Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, attended Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhuhai Yinlong”) to hold the “New Energy, New Kinetic Energy, New Value” China Manufacturing Summit Forum at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. She revealed that she has personally invested in Zhuhai Yinlong, and said that she decided to invest in Zhuhai Yinlong, not because (investing in Zhuhai Yinlong can be profitable, profitable, she is "hope to support this industry (Editor: refers to new energy vehicles) fast Development."

Dong Mingzhu said that she is willing to invest all her assets in Yinlong, Zhuhai.

Dong Mingzhu specifically indicated that she invested in Yinlong, not because of the unsuccessful acquisition of Gree, she compromised. But because she is optimistic about this technology, "more importantly, it is optimistic about the environmental protection it brings to China and the world."

Dong Mingzhu said that she believes that "from today, all of China has used the new energy battery of Yinlong, and our haze weather is less than half."

Dong Mingzhu also said that (customer) used Yinlong (new energy) car, ten years to ensure that you do not (use) change (car). "The battery is broken. It is mine. No one dares to stand with me and shout this sentence. This is China's pride." Dong Mingzhu said.

At the opening ceremony of the "2016 China Business Leaders Annual Meeting" held on the morning of December 10, Dong Mingzhu said in his speech, "We have failed to acquire Zhuhai Yinlong, but I announced that I will definitely do the new energy vehicle. ”

On November 16, Gree Electric suddenly announced that the company received a written letter from Zhuhai Yinlong on November 16, 2016, and was informed that the adjusted trading plan could not be approved by Zhuhai Yinlong Shareholders' Meeting. Zhuhai Yinlong decided to terminate the transaction based on the result of the voting. In view of this, the company decided to terminate the plan to issue shares to purchase assets.

Dong Mingzhu believes that Gree’s acquisition of Zhuhai Yinlong failed. “It is indeed a pity.”

Dong Mingzhu "clarified" that Gree's failure to acquire Yinzhu Haiyinlong was not a shareholder's objection. "I am here to announce to you that when the stockholders expressed their position, 99.9% of the shareholders (the shareholders) passed. Although everyone thinks the purchase price is high. A little, I don’t think it’s very satisfactory, but they think the technology is unquestionable. We are an unexpected event, an accidental event that made the acquisition fail.” Dong Mingzhu said.

Dong Mingzhu also said that she wants Yinlong battery to serve China and the world. "I believe it will be realized soon. Although we have limited production capacity for cars, we must speed up and build a new energy battery production base. Let all the Chinese car manufacturers switch to the new energy generation, and use our new energy (automobile company) for your battery."

The following is a speech by Dong Mingzhu at the China Manufacturing Summit:

Dear friends, good afternoon, I heard a lot of experts first, and the professional officials who are concerned about new energy have delivered wonderful speeches. I heard the blood. But I just listened to General Wei’s speech and didn’t know what was going on. I had a sour and bitter taste in my heart. With an excitement, he showed and complained with a kind of grievance. And he kept saying, I don't want to take up Mr. Dong's time, but he has already timed out and used up my time, but I understand it very well because we have experienced it. In fact, General Wei’s speech is more of a grievance in his heart. He basically finished speaking what I wanted to say. Then I said that Gree’s acquisition of Yinlong was a strong alliance and a complementary development. Especially when our country has developed to this day, when we look back, we are more because of the lack of technology, because it is a sad thing to use the health of the people to do the price and destroy the environment to realize the development of our industry. Why is the supply side reform proposed today? That is, we have seen the problem. Therefore, we are now using new technologies and scientific technologies to benefit human environmental protection. The technology that can survive is our most valuable technology.

Of course, just now Wei said that the reason for the Gree acquisition was not successful and it was some minority shareholders. I am here to explain to you, wrong. When the stockists expressed their position on the day, more than 99.9% of the scenes were passed. Although everyone thought that the price was a little higher and they were not satisfied, they thought the technology was unquestionable. We are an unexpected event, an accidental event that made the acquisition fail. I think that the most loss is not only the interests of our Gree shareholders, but more importantly, for the country, we are in this new era, we want to go beyond the world and lead the world. The development of new energy The most traditional phrase in China in the past is “curving overtaking”. What traditional industry, what advanced industry, I think this sentence is a traditional language. But the new energy has changed this sentence, we are "overtaking" on a starting line. Therefore, I was originally excited to express my speech with great excitement, but now I don't want to say it. Because Wei has already made clear the characteristics of his technology and the development of China's future new energy.

In fact, we all think that Gree is cheaper than Yinlong, wrong! We have molds and automation equipment. Who is willing to give this platform experience and experiment? We Gree engaged in molds and new energy for only three years, but because of the cooperation between Gree and Gree, it is open to this door, all the molds are given to Gree, and the automation equipment of all production lines is supported by Gree. This is how much support we have. In a process of development, we have a grateful heart. We are grateful for the opportunities that others have brought us. Don’t always see us giving others opportunities. This era is an era of tolerance, a win-win era, and a shared era. Not only that, our air conditioner is known as the world's number one enterprise, we are leading this technology and leading the industry. But who cares for the air conditioner of electric vehicles? Yinlong gave us the opportunity, and we were vetoed during the cooperation. It is indeed a bit regrettable. Some people have said that Dong Mingzhu’s acquisition has no money. I said that I have to pay more for the acquisition, and I have to work hard. If the acquisition is unsuccessful, I will do less, but my cooperation and support for Yinlong will never stop.

So, today I am willing to invest all my assets in Yinlong, because I see it is the only way for us to become a dream of China's manufacturing power in the future. In fact, I was particularly excited just now. I saw the market in the future, but the market belongs to Yinlong and depends on Yinlong’s technology. If our technology is not good, everyone will use it even if they support you. So when a person can succeed, you have to remember that you will always respect others and you will be respected by others. Although Yinlong’s technology today is already in the leading position in the world, it will not stop. I think that Gree air-conditioning will always lead the industry. It is not a cavitation. You must constantly pay and invest, and you must constantly create new technologies, and Yinlong is the same. The most exciting explosion points I just talked about, you installed the Yinlong battery and thought that this phenomenon will not occur at home. This is the contribution.

Therefore, in the process of development of each of our enterprises, we must give your object, that is to say your users, the most basic security for them. If we can't even promise this, why do you say that your technology is advanced? Why do you let others use your product? We have seen it recently. Even if someone wants to buy an electric car, it still has a lingering fear of being on fire. Have you ever thought about a battery that has been replaced in three years? When you change it in 30 years, what is your secondary cost? Some are not what consumers think, they are what companies think. We also need batteries for the development of Gree Electric Appliances, because we have seen the needs of the future in the past few years, that is, intelligence. The essential thing in a smart home is the battery. This energy storage battery is not solved. I think the whole smart home is difficult to achieve or achieve perfection.

China must have the ability to catch up with the backward production capacity, backward technology and backward products. In the next five years, we believe that companies like Yinlong that pursue technology and challenge themselves will continue to emerge. China will surely realize the dream of China's manufacturing power, and China's manufacturing will certainly be able to change the world because of our technology.

Therefore, I don’t want to say more here today, but I still have to tell you that because I invested in Yinlong, it was not because Gree’s acquisition was unsuccessful, I compromised. It is because I am optimistic about this technology, and more importantly, I am optimistic about the environmental protection it brings to China and the world. Everyone said that it is rare to have a blue sky and white clouds. It is such a coincidence that we are opening a new energy conference here. That is God's will. I believe that from today, all of China has used the new energy Yinlong battery, and our haze weather is less than half. Of course, I am also very happy. In the past period of time, the "net red" hat was put on my head, and the acquisition of the chairman of the era was removed, together with the description of Dong Mingzhu at various angles in the society. Some people say that Dong Mingzhu is under pressure? Today, someone asked Dong Dong how do you feel? I feel that these things are not against us, and that we are crushing us is our heart. We have a firm belief that our survival, the value we live in is not to make money, but because of our existence, because we can make the world change. Therefore, I am also very happy with many people I don't know. Because my phone is open all over China, when various text messages like snowflakes are sent to me, I really moved. I have not easily shed tears now, especially the words that are sent to you by text messages to make you shed tears.

Today, I decided to invest in Yinlong not because of profit and profit. I hope to support the rapid development of this industry. At the same time, I am also very grateful to Chairman Wang Jianlin, thank the chairman of CIMC, and thank others for their firm trust in me. Just now Wei did not do due diligence because we should not only look at its past, we should look at its future. Since they trust me so much, I have no reason to live up to their trust. So in the last sentence, I want Yinlong battery to serve China and the world. I believe it will be realized soon. Although we have limited production capacity for cars, we must speed up and build a new energy battery production base. All the cars in China are quickly converted into traditional industries, and they are converted to the era of new energy. We use the batteries that our new energy supplies for you. Thank you.

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