Dingyuan Optoelectronics Launches "LED Total Reflection LED MR16"

Dingyuan Optoelectronics introduced a single LED reflective MR16, which consumes 4W, 1 meter illumination up to 1000 lux, and an illumination angle of 25 degrees, equivalent to 50W brightness of a conventional MR16 halogen bulb. The MR16 is the most popular commercial and indoor lighting fixture in the world, and it is widely used in stores, department stores and counters.

The Dingyuan Optical Design Center uses the principle of optical total reflection to minimize the optical loss. The LED is used to project the light source for the internal reflector. The design of the lamp module is inspired by the vehicle headlights. The mirror facets are meticulous, the brackets in front of the mirrors are not shaded, and the lamps themselves are visible to the naked eye. The point source is not visible, it is very soft and not glare.

Compared with the current multi-LED lens MR16, Ding Yuan is not only lightweight, but also unique in design. At present, this product has received orders from Taiwan, Japan and Japan for the invention of new invention patents in Europe, the United States and Japan. It is expected to start shipping in September this year.


Dingyuan MR16 appearance


Dingyuan MR16 light type is soft and uniform

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