Ding Yuan New Launches 3.6W LED Mushroom E17 Caliber Bulb

Dingyuan Optoelectronics (2426) In order to meet the trend of the Japanese market, E17 caliber side-mounted bulbs were introduced. The demand for LED bulbs in the Japanese market has gradually expanded from E26 to E17. The traditional E17 bulb has a certain proportion in daily lighting in Japan. Because the wattage is small, the market price of E17 LED bulb is slightly lower than that of E26. It is more acceptable to the general consumers and has gradually become an entry product for LED lighting products. Such bulbs can be used in general indoor lighting such as night lights, table lamps, bedside lamps, and standing lamps.


Dingyuan E17 caliber bulb is 3.6W, 200 lumens, the illumination angle is greater than 120 degrees, the average illumination of 1M is 75lux, and the average luminous efficiency is 55lm/W. In terms of LED bulb design, Dingyuan Optical Design Center also uses the advantages of patented side design to overcome the problem of insufficient sidelights of LED bulbs. It is suitable for open luminaires with lampshades. LED bulbs, the shade is only "light half".


Using the same optical design, Dingyuan also launched the E26/E27 caliber 7.7W LED side-mounted bulb, 420 lumens, with an average luminous efficiency of 55lm/W, an illumination angle of more than 120 degrees, and an average illumination of 85 lux at 1M.

Related products will be exhibited at the 6/9~6/11 Taipei World Trade Optoelectronics Exhibition in 2010.

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