Cost-effective aluminum substrate brand Confucian Electronics will be unveiled at 2013 Gaogong LED Exhibition

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Zhu Chunwei] "This time to participate in the 2013 high- tech LED lighting exhibition, we will promote ultra-high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate. In some high-end packaging applications, this product is compared to ordinary copper substrate or ceramic substrate, the cost Can reduce by 50%, if the mass production in the future, the cost will drop more." Shenzhen Ruwei Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ruyi Electronics") general manager Jian Yucang said.

The rapid development of LED lighting applications has brought infinite vitality to the aluminum substrate industry, as if it has sprung up, and overnight, LED aluminum substrate suppliers are everywhere. From the traditional large-scale PCB manufacturers, to the family workshops, all come together to compete for the big cake of LED lighting.

Aluminum substrates were first used in some special fields. In recent years, with the rapid development of LED lighting, they gradually emerged from the PCB family. LED lighting products mainly consist of three major components: light source, power supply, and substrate. As one of them, the aluminum substrate accounts for a large part of the cost of the whole lamp.

"The price of LED lighting application products is declining is a big trend. The new technology of aluminum substrate can indirectly bring about cost reduction, which will enable LED lamps to truly spread the market in large quantities." Jian Yucang said that in order to cater to different market segments The demand for Ruwei Electronics recently introduced ultra-high-conductivity aluminum substrate, which can meet the requirements of high-end packaging technology such as COB and high-power SMD LED.

The heat generated by the LED is conducted to the metal substrate through the insulating layer and then transmitted to the heat sink through the thermal interface material, so that most of the heat generated by the LED is diffused into the surrounding air by convection.

However, most common aluminum substrate insulating layers have little thermal conductivity or even thermal conductivity, so that heat cannot be conducted from the LEDs to the heat sink (metal substrate), and the entire heat dissipation channel cannot be made clear. The thermal accumulation of LEDs quickly leads to LED failure.

An aluminum substrate with a high thermal conductivity insulating layer can solve this problem well, ensuring the lowest operating temperature, the brightest brightness and the longest life of the LED. Therefore, the selection of an aluminum substrate with high thermal conductivity is essential for extending the life of the LED and ensuring performance quality.

Founded in 2002, Ruwei Electronics Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise specializing in R&D, production and secondary product development, production and processing of high thermal conductivity metal-based insulating electronic materials. Proficient in semiconductor thermal conduction mechanism, therefore not only thermal metal circuit board (MPCB): copper substrate, aluminum substrate, iron substrate, high frequency board has professional level of research and development and production level; LED lamp heat conduction, heat dissipation scheme, high power LED heat conduction board, high power LED thermal brackets, heat conduction problems in high-power LED packages can also provide comprehensive technical support.

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