BMW: Inevitably will introduce a pure electric M-Series performance car

The letter "M" on a BMW car represents extraordinary sporting character, speciality and superb craftsmanship, as well as a symbol of excellent driving skills and personal style. In addition to designing and manufacturing M-series high-performance vehicles, BMW M's business also includes a special needs department such as BMWIndividual to meet the extreme personality needs of customers.

I remember a BMW leader said that BMW will never follow the turbocharged route, but as the global environmental situation becomes more and more serious, the BMW Performance Department has also made a "compromise" action. From the BMW E93 M3's last-generation V8 naturally aspirated engine to the current F82's 3.0T turbocharger, the BMW engine reduces huge waste emissions while not reducing performance.

Now BMW admits that the introduction of all-electric M cars will be inevitable, it is very similar to the M3, M4, M5, but before this will launch hybrid cars. In an interview with the media, BMW executive Frank van Meel said that the introduction of pure electric M cars is inevitable.

BMW: Inevitably will introduce a pure electric M-Series performance car
The current BMW F82 M4

Recently, Memel accepted an interview with Auto Express at the Detroit Auto Show. He said: "Things will happen. The problem is when. In terms of electrification, we still have the problem of power-to-weight ratio. It is difficult. In line with the philosophy of motorsport."

Between the existing and all-electric vehicles in the M department, BMW will first introduce hybrid M cars. M cars do not put efficiency in the first place, but performance. Memel said: "We have seen the 'stop, start' function on the M car, the next step is electrification. The pure electric car will eventually be produced, but it will take some time. We have worked closely with the Project i department to study The first generation of batteries, motors, weight technology and cooling systems are designed to find the right time to get to the next station."

Will BMW launch the M version of the BMW i8 in the future? will not. Although the M and i sub-brands work closely on new technologies, they are not intended to merge the two in the long-term plan. Memel said: "The merger has no meaning. It is in two different directions. M is uncompromising in the spirit of motorsport, and Project i is concerned about the future and the efficiency."

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