Analysis of the 4 characteristics of mobile 4G development

Analysis of the 4 characteristics of mobile 4G development Recently, Guangdong Mobile launched the 4G terminal sales and business approach, and China Unicom subsequently announced that it will raise its 3G speed to 42M standard and G-rate large-flow packet discount. Then, Guangdong Mobile announced that it will experience 4G activities for all citizens. At the beginning, all participating users can use 15G free of charge every month for the year. This is a war without smoke, and it is the commanding heights of future mobile broadband.

This time, China Mobile has significantly changed the impunity on 3G a few years ago in the promotion of 4G services, and increased its efforts to rush off when the 4G license plate is not reached, and the shots are heavy blows, indicating that the market should be sold to me. Domineering. In particular, Guangdong Mobile, from the "5-17" 4G experience tour, 4G live flower market, 4G large-scale application experience activities, 4G number release ... ... each event leads the country, and just catch the eye, resulting in a huge social response.

By this time, Guangdong Mobile has promoted the 4G experience activities of this year on such a large scale. We can probably think about the following issues:

First, Guangdong Mobile has changed the inertia of previous operators to send terminals to the way that terminals must purchase and send large amounts of flow packets. This shows that 4G era operators have new marketing thinking, and the number of terminals purchased is higher than that of free access. The terminal will help users maintain long-term stability. China Mobile will pay more attention to maintaining the long-term value of customers in the 4G era. At present, Guangdong Mobile has introduced two 4G mobile phones and 20 mobile WIFI terminals, which are sold in the service hall. It is expected that more than 20 models will be licensed this year or 150 in the next year.

Secondly, for Guangdong Unicom's 42M response to the increase in 3G speed, Guangdong Mobile has not tit-for-tatly used the figures to advertise. On the contrary, Guangdong Mobile has adopted the “bibi” method that China Unicom preferred in the 3G era. Using actual experience to form a user word of mouth, and according to feedback from users participating in the experience, Guangdong Mobile’s 4G network speed has reached 100M in actual use, which is 10 times faster than the 3G network speed, far higher than the previously announced 80M standard. Value will receive very good social word of mouth.

Third, Guangdong Mobile has liberalized user participation this time and has not set a limit on the number of users. This shows that Guangdong Mobile is very confident in its own infrastructure and is fully prepared for the development of 4G services. Its 4G network construction has been relatively It may even mature beyond expectations, and it already has the ability to carry large-scale commercial applications. According to relevant reports, Guangdong Mobile has opened 8,100 TD-LTE sites in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In order to provide more comprehensive base station coverage, Guangdong Mobile will soon build 20,000 4G base stations to cover Guangdong. All over the province, this is tantamount to the fact that 4G, which is about to officially start the war, has already completed its grain and grain supply.

Fourth, Guangdong Mobile's 4G experience will attract a large number of users, but it has not adopted the so-called hunger marketing that has become routine now. It does not restrict the number of users involved, but it can also see that it has a long-term perspective and does not attract eyeballs in the short term. The intention to take a sensational approach. For China Mobile, which has been hindered by the development of the 3G era, it is very important to attract new users and promote the conversion of old users as soon as possible so as to seize market share and lay a solid foundation for taking advantage of the advantages of 4G. However, users who are squeezed by marketing activities are far behind. The old users who are willing to take the initiative to upgrade are more strategic.

According to media reports, although 4G licenses have not yet been issued, the subscribers of China Mobile’s 4G subscription have already exceeded the 100,000 mark. The open 4G experience model pioneered by Guangdong Mobile will further promote the healthy and long-term development of future 4G services. In the near future, China’s 4G era will be formally launched, the sea will leapfrog, the sky will be high for flying, and China’s mobile Internet will usher in a real explosion.

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