80% of locks can be opened by technical thief. How to prevent burglary in the summer?

In recent days, a rogue in Shenzhen has entered the same tenant room for stealing four times in a row. The last time a homeowner sleeps in a room, he still allows the thieves to succeed. Although the netizen is eventually arrested, the thieves’ determination to not turn back to the south wall has shocked everyone. Not only in Shenzhen, but also in various parts of the country, recent cases of burglary have frequently occurred. With the arrival of summer, burglary burglary ushered in its high season, how to prevent becoming a subject of immediate concern.
80% of locks can be opened by technical thief. How to prevent burglary in the summer?
In summer, because of the hot weather, sometimes it is often called for a haircut. Open doors and windows are one of the reasons why many thieves succeed. However, it does not mean that as long as the doors and windows are locked, nothing will happen.

The so-called Dao Gao is one foot taller and taller, and with the progress of society, thieves' technology is also advancing with the times. It is said that now the "technology unlock" can easily handle the vast majority of the market's door locks, skilled thieves open a security door just a few seconds, with the key to open the door lock time is no difference, really shameful.
80% of locks can be opened by technical thief. How to prevent burglary in the summer?
There was a post on the Internet, with a small piece of foil wrapped in the key mold, less than 3 seconds, "click", a thick security door can easily open. Although this method can open limited locks, technology unlocking is not limited to this method. With the advancement of the Internet, unlocking tools are lacking in circulation, and a set of unlocking tools for online sales claims to open 80% of locks for only 500 yuan, which means that about 80% of locks are unsafe.
80% of locks can be opened by technical thief. How to prevent burglary in the summer?
Internet search "technical unlocking", you will find a large number of technical methods and video, of course, is more about the case of technology unlocked crime report. This type of technology thieves are mostly gangs committed crimes, experience is very rich, generally have someone in advance specializes in investigation to determine the location of the crime, to determine the owner is not directly after the technology unlocked, the entire opening process but a few seconds or more than a dozen seconds, Like back home, even if there are real-time monitoring of properties on the corridor, it may not be able to detect abnormalities. Therefore, the time for committing crimes is not divided into day and night.

The eye-opener is a group of technical thieves reported by CCTV who, after stealing things, return the owners to clean the room to prevent any traces. What is even more bizarre is that thieves open the door and discover that the homeowner is still there. The thieves with excellent mental quality can also install the wrong way into the wrong door, leaving the face of the shocked homeowner and then slipping away...

It seems that technical thief is simply unguardable. How can we prevent it? The following precautions may help you:

The use of higher security level locks, the current lock is generally divided into A-level, B-level and Super B-level, A-level locks are generally very easy to be unlocked by technology, and B-level and Super-B-level open more difficult.

The electronic control unit door is locked, and the electronic control unit door is not afraid to be unlocked by the technology. The residents in the community have consciously guarded against it, so as to minimize the situation where the stone blocks the unit door.

Sleeping at night is best locked with a lock button, which can effectively prevent the unlocking of technology. It is best not to leave a large amount of cash for valuables at home.

Conditional households can install smart home systems, such as the 28 home automation system. When no one is at home, the door magnet can detect abnormal intrusions and promptly send information to the householder. The owner can check the indoor conditions through the monitoring equipment in real time. After the thieves invade, they can contact the property security and alarm in time and effectively, which is the most effective anti-theft measure.

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