150 finalists competed in the top 25 Golden LED Awards for outstanding LED lighting dealers

[Reporter/Xiong Yuheng] 2013 (3rd) High- tech LED Lighting Exhibition will be unveiled at Guangzhou Poly Exhibition Hall, and the results of the “Golden Oscar” high-tech LED Golden Globe Award will also be presented during the same period (November 26) Late) finally announced. This year, the Golden Globe Awards specially added the “China Top 25 Outstanding Distributors of LED Lighting” awards to meet the needs of LED lighting enterprise terminal channel construction.

Through high-tech LEDs throughout the country, good product tour and investment promotion, through face-to-face communication with local distributors, accumulated a large number of high-quality dealer resources; at the same time, through the "LED lighting channel" reporters from 29 provinces across the country stationed on-site visit , the relevant information of this selection will be released in place. As of the end of September, the organizing committee received nearly 3,000 votes from dealers all over the country.

During the period, the Organizing Committee of the Golden Globe Awards conducted on-the-spot investigations on the nominated dealers, and selected dealers with larger operations and better marketing networks to enter the finalist list, which was finally determined to include South China, Central China, and East China. 150 dealers including the 7 regions of North China, Northwest China, Northeast China and Southwest China participated in the third phase of the network selection.

From October 8th, the dealer selection officially entered the third stage, and the national LED lighting companies made a real-name vote on the network of the finalists. Previously, the "LED Lighting Channel" station reporters in the country to carry out the Golden Globe Awards dealers selection and publicity, has been warmly welcomed by many local dealers. Some dealers believe that this Golden Globe Awards increase dealers' selection, which not only reflects the attention of high-tech LEDs to dealers, but also provides a very good platform for dealers to choose agent brands, and naturally can get distributors across the country. Positive response and participation.

It is undeniable that lighting has entered the LED era, and in 2013 it was recognized as a key year for the explosion of demand in the LED lighting market. For LED lighting companies, how to build a perfect marketing channel and create their own distribution system is imminent; for traditional lighting dealers, how to transform the gorgeous, looking for the right LED lighting brand to act as a proxy, has become a topic of general concern.

But the reality is quite embarrassing. There is a serious disconnect between dealers and enterprises. Enterprises have good products that are not known to dealers. Distributors have perfect customer resources that are not used by enterprises. Therefore, this Golden Globe Awards and 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition is the hope to build a professional and efficient communication platform for LED lighting companies and distributors.

At present, "China's LED lighting outstanding dealers top 25 selection" has entered the real-name voting stage of LED lighting companies, playing a crucial role in the final results of the top 25 dealers. Quickly vote for a dealer that you think is quite powerful. Perhaps the prelude to your cooperation will be opened, and your terminal channel structure will change from here..."

China's top 25 LED lighting distributors selected "real name voting website:


The following is a list of 150 dealers across the country who were shortlisted for the third phase of the online voting:

Central China Huadong Region
Wuhan Jiali Lighting Changzhou Hualong Lighting
Wuhan Baoshili Lighting Changzhou Golden Sun Lighting
Wuhan Omange Changzhou famous home lighting
Wuhan Coats Lighting Changzhou Taitong Lighting
Wuhan Shenlong Lighting Changzhou Century Dynasty
Hunan current point lighting Changzhou Sanfeng Lighting
Changsha Jinxiu Huadeng Changzhou Tongfa Lighting
Hunan candlelight lighting Changzhou Taichung Lighting
Hunan Fushunyuan Changzhou Sanlian Venture
Changsha Rongguang Shangpin Changzhou Sanli Lighting
Henan Deruipu Lighting Nanjing Suming Lighting
Henan Star Lighting Nanjing Jinuo Lighting
Zhengzhou Lake Nanjing Jindu Lighting
Zhengzhou Yingtian Lighting Nanjing Huitao lamps
Zhengzhou Jinyu Light Source Nanjing first point lighting
Zhengzhou Kecai Lighting Nanjing Kaitian Lighting
Zhengzhou Foguang Electronic Lighting Nanjing Maihui Automation
Henan Xinzhongfei Lighting Ningbo Extreme Lighting
North China Ningbo Huaqiang Lighting
Tianjin Wuhuan Lighting Ningbo NVC Lighting
Tianjin Xinghui Lighting Ningbo Xinke Lighting
Tianjin Jinshengyuan Lighting Ningbo Wenhao Lighting
Tianjin Puglia Lighting Zhejiang Hengde Weiye
Tianjin Haiyu Lighting Hangzhou Liangjingjing Lighting
Tianjin Linghui lamps Hangzhou Feida Lighting
Tianjin Mingjia Lighting Hangzhou Jiayu Lighting
Beijing Ella Yidi Lighting Hangzhou Yizhi Lighting
Beijing Zhumei Jiaye Economic and Trade Fuzhou Shuangfu Lighting
Beijing Sunshine Chuangyi Lighting Fuzhou Royal Lighting
Beijing Liangde Rui Trading Fuzhou Qijia Lighting
Beijing Guorong Sunshine Fuzhou MasterCard Lighting
Beijing Detai Yaming Fuzhou Slater Lighting
Shijiazhuang Hongtu Weiye Lighting Xiamen Jishunyuan Trade
Shijiazhuang Weihao Lighting Xiamen Innovation Light
Shijiazhuang Zhiyuan Snow Wright Xiamen Liangmeida Lighting
Shijiazhuang Jiajia Lighting Xiamen Jiaxin Lighting
Shijiazhuang Punctuation Commercial Exhibition Xiamen Yitai Lighting
Dalian Jindian Electric Xiamen Hengtong Lighting
Dalian Ogilvy Lighting Xiamen Xinle Pavilion Enterprise Lighting
Shenyang Wanhan Economic and Trade Xiamen Qilongsheng Lighting
Shenyang Pengda Lighting Firm Xiamen Minghao Trade
Shenyang Kaida Lighting Xiamen Shaokun Wujiao Trade
Shenyang Yiming Enterprise Jinan Hongli Lighting
Southwest Region Jinan Nanhua Hardware Lighting
Chongqing New City Trade Shandong Dongsen Lighting
Chongqing Haoyu Wujiaohua Jinan Liangmeijia Trade
Chongqing Yongsheng Lighting Shandong Donghai Puzhao
Chongqing Shunfo Lighting Linyi Tianma Lighting
Chongqing Vertex Linyi Shilin Lighting
Chengdu NVC Lighting Linyi sunny lighting
Chengdu Aoda Lighting Linyi Yongguang Lighting
Chengdu Tongfa Lighting Linyi Okoni Lighting
Chengdu Honghui Lighting Anhui Pepsi Electric
Chengdu Regal Lighting Hefei Dingpeng Trade
Chengdu Changhong Lighting Hefei Huangfang Lighting
Guiyang Big Lantern Supermarket Huainan Huihong Trade
Guizhou Yulong Lighting Hefei Huiyi Trade
Guiyang Zhengyuan Lighting Shanghai Yayuan Lighting
Guiyang Hao Lanhui Shanghai First Lighting
Guizhou NVC Lighting Shanghai Jiyi Lighting
Yunnan Shengsheng Energy Saving Shanghai Yimei Electronics
Kunming sub-lighting Shanghai Sunshine Lighting
Yunnan timely rain lighting South China
Kunming Huaguang Lighting Shenzhen Zhengdasheng Electric
Kunming beauty lamp multi-lighting Shenzhen Ruixing Electric
North-west region Shenzhen Guangshun Lighting
Shaanxi Yongan Hengtai Shenzhen Shenhao Electric
Shaanxi Huashang Building Materials Nanning Spotlight
Xi'an Shengke Building Materials Nanning Xiangyu Electric
Shaanxi Chuangbang Industry and Trade Guangxi loyal and majestic lighting
Xi'an Taisheng Electric Guangxi Guangzhidao Lighting
Lanzhou Kebang Industry and Trade Nanning Light Dream Lighting
Yue Ming Shu Lighting Guangxi Rijing Lighting
Lanzhou Haohao Lighting
Lanzhou Tianfu Trade
Taiyuan Galaxy Lighting
Shanxi Jialun LED Lighting
Taiyuan Shanhe Lighting
Shanxi Zhongheda Technology
Taiyuan TCL Lighting
Taiyuan Huaqiang Lighting

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